Data Processing

Litigation Document Coding and Indexing

Our team generates accurate results and consistently satisfies the demands of our clients involved in complex litigation cases. Extensive training and experience of scanners or unitizers, coders, quality control and quality assurance personnel is reinforced on a project-by-project basis tailored to case requirement.

Our services include:

- Bibliographic Coding

- Logical Document Determination (LDD)

- Specialized / Complex Coding

- Creating a Discovery Index with Hyperlink

- Tried and Tested Project Management Protocols

Deposition Summary Services

Our summaries allow legal teams to focus in on key portions of the deposition to facilitate the timely and accurate analysis of key testimony without the need to wade through portions of less importance. Whether in trial or in preparation for trial, the ability to immediately locate critical information on a deposition is pivotal to the outcome of the case.

Legal Transcription and Legal Typing Services

We specialize in providing accurate verbatim transcripts for our clients. We cater to the needs of Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Agencies, and other members of Legal teams (i.e. Paralegals and Investigators).