Services Include:

Bates numbering - Unique control number assigned to each page.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Searchable Text File

Digital Output Formats:

TIFF Group IV - Non-proprietary image format. B/W Documents

Multi-Page TIFF - More than one page / image per file, similar to a PDF

TIFF - Uncompressed, mostly used for high quality / resolution color photos

JPG - Color Photos at a more manageable file size, with little quality loss

BMP - Typical Windows image file, similar to tiff file sizes, but less quality

PDF - Portable Document Format. The most commonly used file format.

DAT - Document Information (normally created by Summation or Concordance)

CSV - Comma Separated Value File

TXT - Delimited Text File

Load file creation for Concordance and Summation Programs

Flawless integration of files into your in-house application. Your perfect solution

for large volume Document Productions.






Document Imaging