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"Despite the monumental task at hand, CopyPro has consistently provided error-free service in dealing with discovery demands of defense counsel, doing so promptly and efficiently"

Rob Villeza

Assistant United States Attorney

Deputy Chief, Narcotics Section

" I have to say that your efforts have greatly contributed to the smooth and efficient progress of the case for both the government and the defense. In this way, I think all of you at CopyPro can be proud that you have not only been professional, you have also made a genuine contribution, in your own way, to the federal justice system. Thus, I can imagine that many other litigators like myself would be relieved to know that your organization is professional, ethical, expert and, most importantly, to know that your organization cares for its clients."

Bruce Riordan

Former Assistant United States Attorney

Deputy Chief, Major Crimes Section

"You deserve the highest praise for performing the difficult and often tedious work of photocopying and providing discovery materials, whether they are documents, computer discs, photographs, video or audio tapes, without necessary delay. Without any reservation, I would recommend you and your staff at CopyPro, over any other organization that purports to provide the same service."

Richard P. Lasting, Esq.

"CopyPro has always delivered my documents, with a very professional attitude and smile. There are times when I am under undue amount of pressure to get copying done , but I can always rely on CopyPro during those hectic times to deliver my documents in a most efficient and timely manner."

June Lenssen

Litigation Secretary

Parker Stanbury, LLP

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